We are providing “Educational tools for everyone” through content management services, to address global educational challenges. Leveraging AR and MR technology, we support content creators, enhance their competitiveness, and foster effective collaboration. We will connect the world's top content and characters with Metaverse, bring them to life in a virtual environment, driving economic circulation, and elevating public awareness and value. To help ignite creativity and demonstrate what is possible, content creators reimagine the content market landscape, shifting to immersive experiences.

Augmented reality
is the future
of the education system

School KIT


AR EDU tools provide essential advantages in facilitating and supporting teachers' productivity by addressing the lack of educational materials at a low cost. They also contribute to the development of children's abilities in focusing, stimulating imagination, fostering aesthetic sense, promoting imitation, enhancing spatial sense, encouraging independent learning, and fostering teamwork.

Kindergarten KIT

Play and learn Develop the child's IQ, EQ, AQ Interesting experiment.

The best way to develop a child is through hands-on education. That's why we've created comprehensive educational content enriched with advanced technology and creative topics that children will enjoy.

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Home KIT

Learn Solve Have fun together!

We have developed and delivered top-notch AR products to children worldwide, enabling them to embark on educational journeys alongside their favorite fairy tale heroes. With the power of 3D and AR technology, these characters come to life in the real world, providing an immersive and engaging learning experience.


Increase the potential of student memory recall


Increase in the content of training materials


Improvement in learning quality


Increase in student engagement

How to manage your content in the edutainment?

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