We are proud to present the AR Mongolia platform, which empowers entrepreneurs, artists, and service providers to flourish in this exhilarating new frontier. Our innovative solution revolutionizes the user-organization relationship, elevating it to unprecedented heights by harnessing the limitless resources of immersive technology. Providing: Cloud AR service.

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Virtual Manager (icon) | Argun

Virtual Manager

We offer a virtual manager who can represent your business with unparalleled professionalism and dignity, regardless of location, time constraints, or human resources.

Virtual Manager | Argun
AR Package (icon) | Argun

AR Package

Harness the power of AR technology to drive direct purchases. Enhance your marketing efforts by integrating AR experiences into your product packages, effectively engaging and connecting with your target customers.

AR Package | Argun
AR Printing (icon) | Argun

AR Printing

Bridge the gap between offline and online with print media that delivers a WOW effect. Gain valuable insights to shape your content strategy.

AR Printing | Argun
AR Marketing campaign (icon) | Argun

AR Marketing campaign

Stand out from the competition by integrating immersive technology into your marketing campaign for a unique and memorable brand experience. Transform how you connect with your audience and generate buzz with a cutting-edge AR marketing approach.

AR Marketing campaign | Argun
Virtual Showroom (icon) | Argun

Virtual Showroom

Enable the opportunity to access and explore your products and services from anywhere. Our virtual showroom saves time and costs, providing an immersive experience that allows users to make choices as if they were physically present.

Virtual Showroom | Argun
Content management service (icon) | Argun

Content management service

Unlock the full potential of your content with our advanced technology-driven services. Seamlessly connect entrepreneurs with creators to generate new income models and optimize content utilization and repurposing.

Content management service | Argun



Higher visual attention

compared to video ads.


Increase in memory recall

compared to traditional content.


Ease comsumer doubts

and accelerate sales.


AR product experiences

are 200% more engaging

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Use for the year with only 1.100.000 MNT

Ar cloud services

Service name One time charge Yearly fee
1 AR Printing 550K 1.100K
2 AR Package 5.500K
3 AR Virtual manager 1.500K 2.500K
4 Location-based AR services 2.500K 5.500K
5 AR Marketing campaign Contact us
6 Content management Contact us
7 AR Virtual Showroom Contact us

Additional services

Change Content Video 50
3D interactive 100K
Special button 50K
Content production Contact us

"AR Mongolia" captures marketers' hearts with its boundless possibilities.

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